Star Citizen Pak Extractor

Updated for 1.1.5 RSA key change!

This tool allows you to decrypt the Scripts.pak folder from the Star Citizen game files (which was secured in Hanger Module 0.8 by key signing). Unfortunately it's only available on Windows, and you must use the command line (but it's damn easy!).

Command Line Usage: PakDecrypt.exe <input pak> [output zip]

All credit goes to Haoose of the Xentax Forum for creating the original tool to decrypt signed CryEngine pak files (Original Thread).

Detailed Instructions

  1. Download PakDecrpyt.exe
  2. Navigate to where you installed your hanger module (usually %USERPROFILE%\Documents\StarCitizen), and go to \CitizenClient\Data
  3. Copy Scripts.pak into the same folder as you have PakDecrypt.exe
  4. Shift + Right Click on this folder and choose Open command window here
  5. Type PakDecrypt.exe Scripts.pak and Bob's your uncle!