Star Citizen: Ships Overview

This is where I'll be collecting useful information about ships, hardpoints, how things work, etc.

Hardpoints & Such

Note: A lower classification can always be mounted on a higher classification hardpoint, but not the other way around.

Hardpoint Classes

Class 1 Fixed Gun. This is your standard forward facing laser, neutron cannon, particle gun, etc.
Class 2 Articulated Gun. Think the guns in Freelancer or the smart weapons found in later Wing Commanders. Class 2 hardpoints are rarer and more expensive, but they allow guns to rotate on an arc rather than fire point blank.
Class 3 Pylon. This is where you mount missiles, ECM units, radar pods, drop tanks, additional ammunition, special scanners, etc.
Class 4 Turret. Uses the same fixed guns as class 1, but mounted in a separate area of the ship which may be crewed by another person. Turret slots can also mount pylon-type weapons (i.e. a tractor beam or a chaff dispenser.)
Class 5 Manned point defense turrets, generally mounted on larger ships and capital ships.
Class 6 Heavy manned capital ship turrets – used for ship-to-ship combat.
Class 7 Spinal mount lasers – heavy hitters that are effective against medium and large ships.
Class 8 Capital ship cannons – extended range heavy weapons used for capital ship battles in space.
Class 9 Short Range Automated Defensive Systems